The Wooden Palate was founded by Ryan Silverman (wood-worker to the stars) and his wife Eileen O'Dea (chef and yogi turned wood-worker). Eileen and Ryan design every board to last forever. Each board is tested for integrity by Ryan in the woodshop and further vetted by Eileen in the kitchen before sent to production. The Wooden Palate was born of the belief that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that every chef should love the board on which they serve their creations.


Food for Thought: Composting at Home

March 02, 2016

As a kid growing up in Seattle, I distinctly remember my mother assigning me the chore of emptying the kitchen compost collection into the large compost bin in our back yard. It was on the third level of a tiered yard, and I dreaded the walk all the way up the steps, the chills of revulsion as I lifted the lid and saw the writhing mass of worms breaking down the mulch. I would toss the compost into the bin as quickly as I could, completely grossed out by the idea of dirt and bugs and rot. Looking back, home composting has become one of the fondest memories I have.


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